Transforming Corporate Fire Safety Management with Digital Precision and AI Reliability for India's Top Companies

Sysma Zafetech empowers Safety Officers and Corporate IT teams with a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform, ensuring fire safety compliance through digital and AI-enhanced inspections.

Our technology streamlines your fire safety management, replacing cumbersome manual processes with seamless, automated solutions that save time and enhance reliability. With Sysma, proactively manage your fire safety assets across India's leading organizations, minimizing the risk of costly damages and ensuring audit-ready operations at all times.

50% downtimeInspection Accuracy

40% operating costFaster Reports

60% effciencyFaster Audit Readiness

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Types of Assets Included

  • Fire Hydrant SystemFire Hydrant System
  • Fire Alarm SystemFire Alarm System
  • Fire ExtinguishersFire Extinguishers
  • Fire Hose Reel SystemFire Hose Reel System
  • Fire PumpsFire Pumps
  • Fire Detection SystemFire Detection System
  • Access Control DevicesAccess Control Devices

What SYSMA can do for you?

Streamline your fire safety audits with AI accuracy and digital efficiency, ensuring compliance becomes a seamless part of your business operations.

Asset Maintenance
AI-Enhanced Asset Management

Streamline your asset tracking and maintenance with AI-driven insights for proactive safety management.

Third Party Vendors
Vendor Integration for Optimized Operations

Seamlessly synchronize with vendors for enhanced fire asset management and operational reliability.

Mobile Inspection
On-the-Go Digital Inspections

Conduct thorough inspections remotely with our mobile solution, cutting down on paperwork and time.

Real Time Data
Instant Data for Swift Decisions

Access 24/7 live data analytics for informed and prompt decision-making in fire safety operations.

Inventory Management
Smart Inventory Control

Efficiently manage inventory with real-time tracking to prevent data duplication and ensure resource availability.

Cost Allocation
Strategic Cost Tracking

Allocate costs intelligently with our system to gauge true asset value and inform financial decisions.

Data Validation
Authenticated Inspection Proof

Leverage photo and video verification to authenticate inspections and maintenance activities.

Mobile Friendly
Comprehensive Mobile Accessibility

Enjoy full platform functionality on mobile devices, ensuring fire safety management flexibility anywhere.

How Sysma Works ?

Work Order ManagementStreamlined Digital Work Orders

Empower your teams to manage work orders effortlessly, reducing process time by 40% with Sysma's intelligent digital system.


SYSMA integrates with your existing ERP’s and software via numerous connectors that we have developed

SYSMA integrates



AI-Powered Inspections Maximize precision and accountability in fire safety with AI technology.


Real-Time Compliance Tracking Instant reporting for dynamic compliance and swift audits.


Audit Assurance Reliable, transparent inspections for guaranteed peace of mind during audits.


Vendor Performance Analytics Quantify vendor service levels with objective, data-driven scoring.


Digital Documentation Hub Go paperless, streamline workflows, and enhance eco-sustainability.


Predictive Maintenance Insights Reduce equipment failures with AI-predictive maintenance strategies.


Workforce Productivity Empower teams with intuitive tools for increased operational efficiency.


EHS Digitalization Transform EHS management with comprehensive digital solutions.


Interactive Asset Mapping Locate and manage fire safety equipment effortlessly with interactive mapping.

Calculate Return of Investment for your organization

ROI Report designed for Enterprise Budgetary Approvals

What Our Customers Say

Streamlining maintenance

Sysma has helped us in streamlining maintenance and management of our fire and security assets. We look forward to getting all our assets under Sysma especially for PM management.

Rushabh Mehta Adani Enterprises

Sysma is a very innovative and efficient portal for asset management. Whether be it be asset calibration, maintenance, purchase records or spares cost all of this you get in a single click. Most useful portal came across till today which saves time and effort.

Goonjan Tanna Zydus Research Center

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